But even one of the most renowned jewelers of Austria started small. Read here the success story of the meteoric rise of a jewelers dynasty in the course of over 100 years. From ambitious goldsmith assistant to being granted the honourable title of ‘k.u.k. Hoflieferant’ (His Majesty’s Official Court Supplier) on to the recent refurbishing of the store on Vienna’s Graben.

1865 _

The first jeweler of the Heldwein dynasty is born: Anton Heldwein (1865 - 1937). The Heldwein family itself probably hails from Neustadt on the wine route in Germany’s Pfalz. Anton, however, is already trained as goldsmith in Vienna, namely with the company Schwippel. He passes his master exams with his brother-in-law, Juwelier Julius Hügler, where he also soon becomes manager. Shortly thereafter he lays the cornerstone to the company history, to be precise in

1902 _

Anton Heldwein and his wife Lotte risk the leap into the unknown and go into business for themselves. Born a Siess, Lotte comes from an influential Viennese jewelers family herself, which does all the less harm as this probably enables her to bring to the table the necessary financial backing for the collective endeavour. Anton Heldwein now begins to design his own creations while also closely working together with notable artists of the famous ‘Vienna Workshop’. From here on we speak of the ‘meteoric rise’ of the house of Heldwein:

1906 _

Anton Heldwein reveives the title of ‘k.u.k. Hoflieferant’ – his Majesty’s Official Court Supplier. It is a high decoration and a great honour for the young couple to count the emperor himself among their customers. However, the main customer at this time is the archduke of Austria-Este, Franz Ferdinand. He is fond of having precious gifts and jewelery specially created by Juwelier Heldwein.


The next generation takes the helm. After the death of the old Heldwein his son Hans tackles the business with verve. But soon the war casts its shadow across the Heldwein family: Hans is drafted and his mother together with his brother Walter take over.


With the relocation of the store a new chapter in the family history is opened. They move from the noble Milchgasse in Vienna’s first district to the even nobler Graben, corner Bräunerstraße. Here the Heldweins and their customers like it so much, they decide to stay. To this day.


Everthing is going just fast. But then...
Russian soldiers plunder the store from top to bottom. In the following years the company can only slowly get back on its feet. In these – also for customers – lean years many would rather have old jewelry pieces reworked than buy new ones. Thus the Studio Heldwein definitively becomes the heart of the company.


Heldwein calls his son Karlhans into management. In these years of the ‘Wirtschaftswunder’ the name Heldwein becomes famous far beyond Vienna through his jewelry-fashion-shows together with the city’s most renown couturiers – like the house of Adlmüller.


Karlhans Heldwein and his wife Ulli now lead the house on Graben. Together they survive the tastewise turbulent 70s and 80s with dignity and style and pass on a flourishing business to their son Anton Heldwein.


Anton Heldwein takes over management. After studying business administration, collecting national and international experience in his craft and finishing additional training in management and gemology he successfully leads the tradition-steeped enterprise into the 21st century. And he redoes the store:


The store on Graben now presents itself in a completely newly conceived, modern ambience that conveys openness while at the same time offering discretion. In his second marriage, Anton Heldwein and his wife Barbara with their altogether 6 children keep writing this most successful Viennese family history.

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