is still crafted according to the high standards of the age-old Viennese craftsmanship tradition. As a sign of this quality each piece receives the famous Heldwein hallmark in a sense autographing it. This gives proof to the high creative and artistic quality of every single object from the studio. It was created by Hans Heldwein shortly after he had moved his store to the Viennese Graben. The inspiration for the hallmark’s motive came to him – as is so often the case with artists – while staring out the window. There he saw the historic ‘Pestsäule’ monument on Graben.
(This could only happen to a born-and-bred monarchist, by the way, for these Holy Trinity columns are a specialty of the former countries of the Danube monarchy and can only be found there. At Heldwein simply everything is part of the over 100 year-old family tradition.)
In the base of this column at any rate Heldwein saw the letter H, in the heavenly clouds above it an A – the initials of the founding father Anton Heldwein. From a stylized version of these he crafted the master hallmark of the house of Heldwein. To this day it is the master’s final seal of approval. 2008 the hallmark was reworked.
Workpieces carrying this sign have been crafted for you by hand her in Vienna, from the finest materials in the highest quality according to master designs.

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