The entire philosophy of Juwelier Heldwein manifests itself in the only in 2008 completely refurbished store on the Viennese Graben.
Its exclusive location testifies to the highest quality standards and the strong ties to the family’s own history as well as to the finest Viennese craftsmanship. But it is also a testament to the jeweler’s family’s exclusive clientele.


THE STORE in the over 200 years old Generalihof with its heritage-protected facade is an outward sign highlighting the long history of the Heldwein brand.
ON THE INSIDE the Austrian architect Andreas Burghardt completely freed it of the old sediments and past reconstructions. The elegantly vaulted ceiling was brought out again and the interior redesigned from the ground up. In doing so Anton Heldwein made a point of creating not a briefly trendy store but a real modern classic, influenced by the Viennese store architecture of the turn of the century around 1900.



THE DESIGN OF THE INTERIOR demonstrates the significance of the Heldwein customer: It exudes a comfortable and inviting yet also discreet ambience. The experienced lover of jewellery seeking expert private consultation will feel equally at ease as the customer merely dropping by in search of a precious gift. This is achieved by the open entrance area, the screened service areas and the – very discreet – salon privée.
Dark red and golden velvet, Austrian oak parquet and Makassar exotic wood govern the colour scheme and feel of the room. Floor lamps with pleated shades create a soft, restrained light that can be augmented by brighter juweler’s lighting to present the house’s prized pieces in all their sparkling brilliance.

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