NUDO Braclets

An innovative design to sparkle on the wrist 


Shining with Milanese innovation, Pomellato is proud to reveal the first-ever Nudo bangle bracelet. In two bold designs, the Nudo Maxi Bangle heralds a bright Blue London Topaz gem, while the Nudo Solitaire Bangle preciously gleams in white diamond pavé. Sculpted of rose gold, the bracelets’ construction is a genius example of Pomellato’s goldsmith expertise.

A peculiar aspect of Pomellato jewels, less known, resides in the study of its clasps. Often hidden, Pomellato clasps may appear seemingly simple, but each are designed to incorporate sophisticated mechanisms. Completely concealed in the design of the Nudo bracelets, these clasps demonstrate how a fundamental detail may indeed be functional, but also created with refinement and imagination.

Epitomizing elegant Italian craftsmanship, the bangle’s stone is anchored to a mobile white gold cullet, firmly secured yet able to move in both directions for easy-opening and smooth wearability

Available at Juwelier Heldwein Vienna and at the Pomellato Boutique Vienna.


Nudo Armreif3Nudo Armreif1Nudo Armreif2


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