Pomellato Iconica Precious

Pomellato’s golden anniversary collection

The emblematic, round shapes of the ICONICA collection incorporate variously-sized white or brown pavé diamonds, irregularly hand-set into one-of-a-kind jewels by Pomellato’s artisanal goldsmiths, creating precious texture and shine. First created for the 50th anniversary of Pomellato, the ICONICA collection honors the jeweler’s rich goldsmith heritage, infusing a contemporary Milanese twist.

In sensual shapes and golden volumes, ICONICA jewels are voluptuous, striking and bold. The pieces become lightweight, tactile, often stackable pieces, to be mixed-and-matched per the Pomellato spirit. For 2018, ICONICA evolves into evermore precious versions of itself, incorporating the collection’s trademark voluptuous features with sparkling diamonds. Two new round, bold rings pair with four chain-link bracelet designs, or three different bangle bracelets, each curved into iconic ICONICA shapes and embellished with white or brown pavé diamonds.

Available at Juwelier Heldwein Vienna and at the Pomellato Boutique Vienna.







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