Pomellato presents BRERA

For the love of chains

The radical sixties are famous for bringing about change, freedom and love. In 1967, Pino Rabolini, son to a goldsmith family, introduced his own revolutionary change to the world of jewelry. Innovating jewels with prêt-à-porter designs, his passion for chains became one of the hallmarks of the Pomellato brand – catalyzing a tireless love affair, played out in gold to this day.

Paying homage to its original Pomellato spirit in 2019, the Milanese Maison is proud to introduce BRERA collection. Twisting the notion of fine jewelry, BRERA is the ultimate proof that chains may be reinvented with countless ways, widths, and inspirations. Curved of artisanal goldsmithing techniques, BRERA embodies the culmination of the chain’s evolution: so weightless, so light, it feels like a second skin on the body. Vibrant and elegant, BRERA’s inspiration embodies its hometown of Milan. Balancing the “Milanese understatement” with the city’s exuberant expression, the BRERA collection is a combination of sensuality and shine.

BRERA jewels reflect the youthful energy of the Milanese Brera district with their unmistakable design. Reprising the appearance of the iconic “Gourmette” chain, BRERA morphs the traditional twist-links into a fine reinterpretation, to become BRERA’s golden essence. Creating sensual shadows on the skin, BRERA jewels play games of light, their surfaces shining with feminine gold hues, some pieces can be worn double-face, polish gold on one side and mat on the other. In white gold design, BRERA is completed with the shimmer of white diamonds pavé for a modern, unconventional, high luxury aesthetic or sparkling brown diamonds pavé for the rose gold version.

The hero piece of the BRERA collection is a necklace to be worn in several different ways, per preference or mood. With a slider chain function, the necklace can be either a sautoir or a choker. When worn as a choker, the slider clasp becomes a designer detail on the back of the neck, while the chains dangle elegantly down the back or side. 

The barely-there BRERA plain rose gold ring is striking in its design, yet so light, one may forget is wearing it. In either white or rose gold, the ring is highlighted by a pavé of diamonds.

Floating on the wrist, BRERA links appear to be infinite in their chain with the help of its discreet clasp. This savvy technical device features a decorative element with a precious diamonds pavé allowing it to be viewed or hidden. 

BRERA’s iconic chain design can be worn as a stud, or as a 3-links mobile earring.

Pendants and thin bracelets
The seemingly weightless BRERA design is timeless as in its number 8 design, encapsulating the infinity of the collection’s curves.

The BRERA collection is available at Juwelier Heldwein Vienna and the Pomellato Boutique Vienna.












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