Masters of Milanese jewelry design, Pomellato and Jeweler Heldwein, a fourth generation family business, are proud to present a completely renovated boutique in the “Golden Quartiers” of Vienna, in Tuchlaubenhof 7A.

To showcase the artisanal Italian craftsmanship of Casa Pomellato, the bold Milanese design for its interior is inspired by Pomellato’s Via Montenapoleone location in Milan. Blending the Pomellato brand colors – pink, deep red and purple - the new concept store has a design that recalls the masterful colors and lines of the jeweler’s iconic gemstone collections.

The interior of the boutique is characterized by different lacquered Montenapoleone-red – Pomellato’s emblematic color – details such as the big frame of the backwall with applique lights, the bases of the freestanding displays. On the floor, a colorful carpet highlights the brand signature pattern. The trademark grillage recalls the chain-link designs of the Milanese jeweler, is used to frame the windows of the boutique, and is visible from inside and out.

Pomellato Boutique Vienna - Tuchlaubenhof 7A - 1010 Vienna

Pomellato Boutique1

Pomellato Boutique2

Pomellato Boutique3

Pomellato Boutique4



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