Loves me, loves me not....


The M’AMA NON M’AMA collection, Italian for “loves me, loves me not,” embodies the unpredictable nature of love with a gem for every emotion. Like every love story, the M’AMA NON M’AMA collection is in constant evolution: Pomellato’s new tale evokes Byzantine colors in the unprecedented use of mineral gems. Set between pavé gems of similar hues, the jeweled result is a mosaic of monochromatic shimmer.

For 2019, Pomellato crafts a new ring, bangle and earrings into four precious shades: onyx and black diamonds, mother-of-pearl and icy diamonds, lapis lazuli and blue sapphires, or turquoise with zircons

Available at Juwelier Heldwein Vienna and at the Pomellato Boutique Vienna.





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