Pomellato dives into Mediterranean inspiration

Capturing the summery blues of the sea, Pomellato makes new waves with the NUDO DEEP BLUE ring collection. With two-layer settings of both gem and mineral stones, NUDO DEEP BLUE shines with unprecedented color intensity. In three innovative stone combinations, Sky Blue Topaz with Agate, London Blue Topaz with Lapis, and London Blue Topaz with Turquoise, NUDO DEEP BLUE recalls the liquid reflections of the Mediterranean, as it pushes the boundaries of gemstone color.

Inspired by the infinite blue hues of the Mediterranean, Pomellato pays tribute to Italy’s iconic coastline. Sky Blue Topaz combines with Agate to float a turquoise paradise, sparkling like the crystal waters of Sardinia’s Cala Luna Beach. London Blue Topaz and Lapis erupts with intense blue hues, inspired by Stromboli and the deep waters that surround its volcanic island. London Blue Topaz and Turquoise splashes to capture the colorful spirit of Portofino, the chic and glamorous seaside village rendered famous by celebrities and Italian charm.

Available at Juwelier Heldwein Vienna and at the Pomellato Boutique Vienna.

Pomellato Nudo Blue1

Pomellato Nudo Blue3

Pomellato Nudo Blue2

Pomellato Nudo Blue4


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