The new LACE Collection by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

"Lace is timeless, delicate, romantic and sensuous and fills me with a sense of nostalgia. The complexity of the lace and the delicate craftsmanship have always fascinated me. I never tire of collecting lace,” says jewellery designer Charlotte Lynggaard. 

The LACE ring, which features a magnified rendition of the romantic lace pattern, offers a seductive and feminine look that resonates well with modern fashion and style. The new collection also includes pendants and earrings - all in 18kt. yellow or white gold.

OLC Lace1

OLC Lace3

OLC Lace2

OLC Lace7

OLC Lace5

OLC Lace4




OLC Lace6

OLC Lace8

OLC Lace9

OLC Lace10


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