New pieces of jewelry by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

When Ole Lynggaard created his first snake in 1969, he was inspired by the treasures he had seen in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo a few years earlier. More than five decades later, these striking designs reflect Ole Lynggaard’s contemporary style, timeless elegance and superior craftsmanship.

The snake – a complex and universal symbol, masculine and feminine, the symbol of good and evil, wisdom and blind passion and, of course, temptation. The snake evokes fear and fascination. Since ancient times, painters, sculptors and jewelers have been inspired by snakes.

The extravagant new pieces are the ring MEDUSA with three intertwined snakes, the ring SNAKES with a beautiful turquoise and the earrings SNAKES with a drop of turquoise. All pieces of jewelry are made of 18 kt. yellow gold and sparkling diamonds.

Now available at Juwelier Heldwein Vienna.










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