Timeless and thoroughly Milanese: the Iconica Collection is joined by new models

As its name suggests, Iconica encapsulates the essence of Pomellato’s goldsmithing skills and its links to the effortless elegance of Milan. Today, a slender new rings, bangles and earrings join the ranks of this noble collection.

Launched in 2017 to mark the Milanese jeweller’s 50th anniversary, Iconica celebrates Pomellato’s goldsmithing heritage. Half a century of savoir-faire has been lovingly preserved in the firm’s workshop and today is deployed to create a new generation of gold jewels.

Eternally stylish yet channelling the trend for smaller jewels, Iconica now offers a wider range of all-gold designs without losing its unique look. Inspired by its signature gold chains, Pomellato has refined the generous dimensions of Iconica to create slimmer jewels that retain the sensual volume and minimal appeal of the collection.

The chain reaction begins with rings comprised of two coils of rose or white gold, united by a transversal link based on the traditional ‘Schiava’ bangle. Echoing the design are four bangles that sparkle with different degrees of diamond pavé as well as a pair of lobe-hugging earrings. All but one of the new Iconica jewels are enhanced by a white or brown diamond pavé, painstakingly set by hand using Pomellato’s time-honoured artisanal methods. With these new arrivals, Pomellato keeps Iconica fresh and fashionable – the perfect everyday jewels for an accent of understated Italian sophistication.

Available at Juwelier Heldwein Vienna and the Pomellato Boutique Vienna.















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