A golden autumn

...with Pomellato jewellery


Launched in 2017 to mark the Milanese jeweller’s 50th anniversary, ICONICA celebrates Pomellato’s goldsmithing heritage.

Choker and pendant in 18kt. rose gold and 110 diamonds.


Inspired by its signature gold chains, Pomellato has refined the generous dimensions of ICONICA to create slimmer jewels that retain the sensual volume and minimal appeal of the collection.

Rings in 18kt. rose gold and white and brown diamonds.
Bangles in 18kt. rose gold - also available with diamonds.


Elegantly audacious, the FANTINA collection of gold jewels takes Pomellato to new frontiers of excellence in design.

Rings and bangles in 18kt. rose gold - also available with diamonds.


The Pomellato collection is available at Juwelier Heldwein Vienna and the Pomellato Boutique Vienna.







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